Welshdating net

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Welshdating net

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For over 30 years Wilson and Blackett say that they have made every effort and attempt to make the Welsh authorities aware they are sitting on a tourist industry that could offer thousands of jobs where work is much needed, but to no avail.

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The media, press and official establishment have tried to destroy them and their characters because they have “dared to question the phoney, fabricated, and forged and quite hilariously stupid set of yarns that have been invented since AD 1714 to masquerade as ancient British history, foisted by the London establishment as servants to the Crown corporation” But where does all this talk of the lost tribes of Israel leave the people that currently call themselves Jewish?

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  1. In fact, on a couple of occasions I even teared up. In fact, one of the details was so personal that the wife of the dead husband (the most skeptic of the bunch) said, “Oh my God, you are for real.” After that, Theresa offered a couple more vague readings.