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After a long hiatus from new features Wo WMatcher has transferred ownership and operations to Soaring Technologies LLC.

You might join a guild to make it easier to get these groups together and have some reliable people to depend on, but even so, you just do these when you feel like it and ask whoever's around in your guild, you don't have to schedule nights on your calendar, that would be silly. Guilds usually schedule raids at least a week ahead of time, with signup sheets and waiting lists and some kind of system to determine priority.They were also setting the standard that every other MMO would follow, for better and for worse.With its biggest update ever still warm from the oven, I had a chance to talk with several developers at Blizzard about .Blizzard has even added some features making it even easier for you to level additional characters after you have a character at 80 already, on top of being able to use your level 80 character as a sugar daddy.The additional characters create more investment in the game for you. On the way to your first 80 however, you are learning the game and it's all new and unfamiliar. It's just like any other RPG and you don't really group with anyone for more than an hour or two. 5-man Dungeons This is the next step after level 80.

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For a decade, World of Warcraft has been in uncharted territory—a massively successful game in a genre without an established playbook to follow.