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This example card from Pittsburgh had a back as shown below: The “divided back” card, with space for a message on the address side, came into use in the United States in 1907.The “divided back” era is considered by many to be the “Golden Age” of postcard history because senders were now able write on the back of postcards leaving the front images intact.However, it is important to remember that these dates and time periods are not concrete—they are only generalizations of trends in the postcard industry.The rate of postage for postcards has changed throughout time and can be used to find an approximate date for postcards.I am indebted to Peter Stubbs for much of the information below (extracted from Peter's site and his permission for allowing me to use this on the Harberton website.

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Color choice is paramount: what feeling do you want to express? Choose black script and delicate scrollwork on a cream-colored card for a flowing and graceful design.

Use a basic black card with a blocky vintage font in white to create a sharp nighttime look.

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If this is unreadable, the STAMP (if any) indicates the approximate year. Most of this info was gleaned from two excellent web pages, which are on: PC stamps PC history