Out of office not updating error updating group for lan to lan connection

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Also, your Lync status message is automatically set to whatever your Oo OA internal message is.

If you set your Oo OA to be turned on and off at a scheduled time, the Lync features will be activated when the start time passes.

It was blank but when I pressed the down arrow I could the lines from OOO.

After deleting the OOO and adding a custom message it cleared the flag but then clearing the custom message the OOO flag returned.

Complete the following steps to apply the patch successfully: If the Black Berry smartphone user still receives old Out of Office autoreplies when the Out of Office template within the mailbox is up to date, and Microsoft Outlook and the Black Berry smartphone are up to date, have the Black Berry smartphone user preform the following steps: It was found from previous cases that even though Microsoft Outlook had the correct Out Of Office autoreply, Microsoft Outlook Web Access would sometimes cache the old Out Of Office autoreply and that is the one that was sent out.

Your presence information is a quick way for other people to see your availability status.Our chosen migration method was Exchange 2010 in hybrid with Exchange Online.Some people had been mindful enough to set an Autoreply, an Out of Office (OOF) message before the break.This tip is from Shyamal Debnath at Microsoft Support, via a post in community.office365 My apologies to the staff members who thought could return to their holiday. , but it was a technical problem I had with Lync that does not appear to have been documented, based on my searches.

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Set or update the Out of Office autoreply in Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007.