Invalidating someones experience

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"This helps the other person to feel heard, valued, and supported," Bennet says, which is really all you need to do.Read on for some more phrases to avoid, no matter what. "You would never say to someone with a broken leg 'whatever, just walk on it,'" says Bennet.Have you ever been dismissed, simply because the other person has never witnessed it happening and simply doesn't believe you?Has someone derailed from your point to minimize your experience?

Invalidated feelings have a way of coming back to haunt the relationship over and over.

Have your ever been a victim of gaslighting and had your words twisted around?

Have you been told, "Stop whining, you're not the only one who's discriminated against"?

Well, instead of suggesting they "calm down" or "push through it," you could ask if there's anything you can do to help.

Or, you could simply reassure them that you're available, should they need anything.

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Our daily interactions constantly validate us as people. And so when we speak about my sexuality and my gender, as we do (and we must) we mean something complicated by it.

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