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Dating a cartier clock

Louis Cartier created jewels and "objets d'art", but he also retook watchmaking traditions which had been lost for over a century with pieces like the legendary mystery clocks, high fashion wristwatches, carriage clocks and jewelry watches with oriental Art Deco designs, including the daringly colorful "Tutti Frutti" jewels.The accessory timepiece became one of the predominant forms of the activity and prestige of Cartier.Lenox Square Mall, 3393 Peachtree Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30326 (404) 841-0840 They serviced, replaced a damaged dial and provided a new band and buckle for a 1970s vintage Cartier Tank that I had acquired for a friend. Prior to reading your post, I went for another 'jaunt' on the Net and came across most of the info you provided; thus, I actually understood the education you gave me.They also authenticated the watch and provided information about it's date of production. You were right on the money as it is in fact a "must de Cartier" Tank.

Obviously "015020PL" is the serial # and "2414" the model #.

The international elite was seduced by the brilliance of the creations of "a jeweler unlike any other".

Alfred Cartier, Louis-François Cartier's son, helped his father. Worth was beneficial for Alfred Cartier's fame, and his eldest son Louis-Joseph married the Worth granddaughter and established a shop at 13, Rue de la Paix in 1898.

I think your best approach may simply be to contact the nearest Cartier boutique. Cartier has a website but it's a bit clunky to navigate. I believe we have two Cartier Boutiques here in Miami, FL. May it be of any benefit to post a picture of the watch? BCAlexander, The "Argent" and "925" stampings indicate that the case is made of sterling silver, which is entirely appropriate for a Cartier Tank, as most were cased in vermeil.

Click North America and follow the "to contact us" link on the lower left corner... Further, are any of the numbers on the back of the watch of any significance, i.e. I don't even know what the case is made of, but the back has the word "ARGENT" next to a rectangular box with the number "925" inside. This is a type of gold plate over silver, and is typical for the Must de Cartier Tanks, as well as others.

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The recommendations made below will help you to preserve your complication watch for many years to come, with all its accuracy, regularity of rate and authenticity.

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