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The cheaters feel that looking at pornography and masturbating is okay. Cheating has never been easier than it is today, when you can go online, remain anonymous and sign in to participate in a form of cyber sex of your choice.

For some reason they can’t comprehend that cheating within a fantasy is, in reality, still cheating. But… when the person is caught, and they will be, the consequences may be more than they bargained for.

The important thing is to talk to someone if you're worried.

Our therapists can offer support and help to people who recognise their activities are causing problems.

The use of social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, Friends Reunited, Match etc.) is becoming increasingly popular, with 43 per cent of Internet users posting messages to social networking sites, chat sites and blogs in 2010.

This activity has proven to be most common among Internet users aged between 16 and 24, of whom 75 per cent posted messages and 50 per cent uploaded self created content in 2010.

Though social networking is an activity heavily associated with younger generations, in 2010 31 per cent of Internet users aged between 45 and 54 used the Internet to post messages.

So, 'being sexually addicted' is not defined by the activity itself but by the possible negative effect on the individual's quality of life and on those around them.

Neither does engaging in specific sexual activities, having many partners, looking at porn or engaging in cyber-sex.

At Relate, we think that none of these are relevant unless you do.

Internet sex encompasses a wide range of activities that people participate in while they’re online.

Some view pornography and masturbate; others meet people online who are interesting in meeting in person to engage in sexual activity and nothing else. In society today, women are unfaithful more often than men.

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Still others meet in chat rooms to engage in cyber sex. They use terms such as boredom, loneliness or stagnant love life to excuse their actions. Both are cheating and being unfaithful will hurt a spouse whether it is with a faceless person online, a co-worker, or a best friend.

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