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We’ve compiled our best training material for Edge Ministry into one weekend.

This is your chance to kick-start a new year of youth ministry this fall! A sampling of opinions reveals a variety of definitions, with seemingly no two alike.In the simplest form, a date is merely a set time agreed upon by two people to engage in an activity.As teenagers, you should know that the idea of “teenagers” was created only seventy years ago. Most teenagers are slaves of the expectations of their peers and of the big industries that market their fashion and music and technology and entertainment. But not through teenagers who are amusing themselves to death. And the money you don’t have threatens to pierce you by creating a passion to be rich.The word “teenager” did not exist before World War II. Just a hundred years ago, you would bear crucial responsibility at age thirteen on the farm or in dad’s business — or mom’s kitchen and weaving room. The truth that you do not have to fit into the contemporary lockstep expectations put on you by your culture or your peers. This slavery is so pleasant — and so consistently rewarded — that the possibility of being free from conformity to teen-culture rarely enters your mind. The average teenager is so wrapped up in himself, and how he looks, and whether anyone likes him, that he makes a poor soldier. The Great General has sent you a personal message on the battlefield.

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