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Last May, he pleaded guilty to a campaign-finance violation after he was caught getting two straw donors to contribute to the campaign of his old friend Wendy Long, who was running against Kirsten Gillibrand in the U. Still, it’s no small price to pay given that most people who commit the same crime don’t get caught. According to D’Souza, there’s a conspiracy afoot: he’s a victim of Obama’s anti-colonialist rage. In the past five years, he has turned Obama’s alleged rage into a fortune with three books—After the charges came down in January 2014, he cried “selective prosecution,” a serious offense in which the government unfairly targets an individual—in this case, for political retribution.

Alas, D’Souza didn’t have evidence that the president, or Attorney General Eric Holder, or anyone else in the Justice Department, was out to get him. Why, in the first place, did a man who had achieved so much success so carelessly flout the law when there was so little to gain? Indeed, D’Souza may be the most maddening, bewildering figure in the punditry world.

And yet still, somehow, white guilt worked on Hollywood liberals! Certain that the Obama administration is waiting for him to slip up, he wouldn’t risk being late, which is why he eats near the facility and not at his home, 20 miles away in La Jolla, where he is free to spend the day (though he may not leave the confines of San Diego County).After using one of the stalls of his communal bathroom, he would enter the open-plan sleeping quarters and climb onto a top bunk, above a 400-pound guy who, “when he moves, the whole bunk bed shakes.” He would do his best to focus on his book and to block out the conversation. I’ll hear four guys discussing the tits on the woman at Los Tacos. I’m just powerless to move.”D’Souza reports on his new living situation with high energy and a matter-of-fact bemusement punctuated by an eager, slightly dorky laugh—which is odd, given his grim circumstances. At one point, he was facing up to two years in prison, though he ultimately got eight months in a halfway house, plus community service, and a ,000 fine.The latest bombshell, however, couldn’t have been predicted by any of us.Coulter is apparently dating character played by Walker who was seemingly made to be a star. He’s a wonderful guy,” said Lear, reflecting on Walker’s time on the show.

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He voted for Ronald Reagan, opposes Affirmative Action, gay marriage and didn’t think Barack Obama was a good President. But that doesn’t answer why he might/could/probably is dating Ann Coulter.

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